Lisa is an amazing spirit to have as a nurturing force during your birth journey.   I am a first time mom who didn't have a partner to support me or my miracle daughter throughout what could have been a very difficult pregnancy.  Lisa was there for us both with a sense of calm peace and empowerment that I know made all the difference.  The whole experience was wonderful and went off without a single problem.  Lisa encouraged me to trust myself and my ability to birth babies just as women have been doing for thousands of years.  Even when labor went way more quickly than I expected it to, Lisa was there and helping guide us to our first face to face meeting.  She had no agenda or dogma as to how our birth should go; she just wanted my daughter and I to come together in the warmth and loving environment that she fostered for us.   I am so grateful that Lisa was part of our birth experience and is still a part of our lives.