Placenta Encapsulation

Some of the benefits of consuming the placenta include:


  • Contains your natural hormones and can help to balance them

  • Increase milk supply

  • Replenish Iron stores

  • Help to decrease the risk of depression

  • Can increase your overall energy


Most of the information we have on Placentophagia  is anecdotal at this point. I believe in this practice not only as a way to boost energy and stabilize one’s hormones, but as a spiritual practice. An incorporation of the holistic process of the journey into motherhood.


I prepare the Placenta for Encapsulation in a traditional Chinese Medicine way. The warming, steaming and dehydration of the placenta is often found as a palatable way for mamas to ingest it.


It is recommended that the capsules be taken in doses that will have the placenta consumed within a matter of weeks. But for some people, they like to freeze and save for a later time when they need emotional or energetic support, or are experiencing a transition in their lives. Like birth, this is a very personal journey.


Please don’t hesitate to call for more details or to secure my services for the birth of your baby. I serve Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Novato, Sonoma, Napa and close outlying areas.

The fee is $250

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