My husband and I decided to rely on a doula for the first time for support for the birth of our third child, with the intention of having a non-medicated VBAC in a hospital setting. We specifically sought out a doula with children of her own and previous VBAC experience. Lisa came highly recommended from a good friend and I was thrilled that she was a prenatal yoga instructor as well!

Working with Lisa was a wonderful experience! She came to our home multiple times, first to meet with me independently to get to know one another, and later to meet my husband and spend time with us as a couple to review our childbirth history, current birth intentions, answer questions and practice relaxation techniques. Lisa was an incredible resource. She offered us wealth of information including great reading recommendations and relaxation/visualization recordings. I really enjoyed one of her Saturday prenatal yoga workshops as well. I felt really comfortable with Lisa, and I knew she was listening and learning all about my family with her heart. I knew we were in good hands for this birth.


When our daughter was born, I was overjoyed that with Lisa's care and encouragement I was able to give birth naturally and without pain medication! There were, as one learns to expect, unforeseen events that could have led us down a very different birth path. However, Lisa gently reminded us of our intentions and supported our decisions every step of the way. She made sure we did all the things I wanted to do this time around: stay hydrated, use the ball, walk the halls, shower, listen to music, change positions, etc. She gave my husband time to rest as well. She was there to encourage both of us, offer suggestions to get labor going on its own and help us through the awesome birth of our daughter. I experienced very painful back labor. I will never forget screaming "I CAN'T DO THIS!" during transition and Lisa's sweet face looking at me with love and reassurance, saying "you ARE doing this!!" It was a team effort, and we did it!

Lisa continued to care for us after the delivery and even brought us a meal in the hospital. She returned to our home a short time later to follow up, hold our daughter and bring us an amazing homemade meal. My husband and I agree that Lisa's caring, peaceful presence helped us both prepare and be present for this birth. Looking back, we acknowledge it is the single best thing we did for each other as well as the birth of our baby girl!