Staci & Joe


Amazing - Lisa came to our home for a prenatal visit to listen to where we were in preparing for birth and what we were looking for from her. I appreciated Lisa's grounded and professional approach to her work.  She did not bring an agenda and was looking to meet us where we needed her.  She ensured that we had an aopportunity to meet her back up (as she was on vacation for a few days during our time)  She checked in with me to ensure that i was really comfortable with the back up and i was.  She suggested various comfort measures in preparing for birth and labor and brought a yoga ball to our home for me to practice prior to labor.  Once labor began, Lisa was immediately available.  She connected with my husband and intuitively gave us space to connect as a couple during this miraculous time.  Lisa remained calm and centered during the more difficult moments of our beautiful labor and delivery.  I have a distinct memory of Lisa keepng my husband and i in our safe "bubble" as we transferred to the hospital by waving a scent of lavender that we had been using throughout labor.  it was a sweet, much needed and uplifting moment.  After the birth, i sensed a bit of tension amongst the nurses as i was declining all of the routine protocol.  Rather quickly, I noticed the tension melt and smiles return.  I learned later that Lisa had been connecting with them to keep our experience a positive one   This work is cearly a true calling for Lisa.